Intuitively Chosen Sage Bundle

Intuitively Chosen Sage Bundle

Burning sage is a practice that has been used for centuries by different cultures and traditions. It is believed to have benefits for health and wellness, such as **removing bacteria from the air**, **repelling insects**, **neutralizing allergens**, **improving intuition**, and **cleansing specific objects from negative energy**. Sage contains compounds that possess **antibacterial** and **antioxidant** properties. Sage burning can also be used for cleansing spiritual jewelry and crystals.

The spiritual meaning of burning sage is to **purify** the space and the person from negative influences, such as bad spirits, harmful emotions, or unwanted energies. Burning sage is also seen as a way to **connect** with the spiritual realm or enhance intuition². Some people burn sage to **release negativity**, **promote healing**, **create a calming atmosphere**, or **prepare for meditation**²³⁴. Burning sage may also help with **mood**, **memory**, **stress relief**, and **sleep quality**.

Let me choose a bundle or two using my senses to see what your energy needs are!

$8.00 per bundle

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